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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who's in the hospital today?

Who's in the hospital today?

Clients are frequently interested in knowing what animals/cases we have in the hospital.  So we thought we'd try a little feature..
Who's In The Hospital Today?
Want to learn about some of the furry friends we are treating in our clinic today? Read on...

Emmi, a 6 year old black chihuahua is in the hospital recuperating from surgery we performed yesterday. A few weeks ago Emmi's owner brought her in for a routine bath. At the time of the bath, the nails were trimmed and the anal glands were expressed. Little did Nancy know that while displaying no symptoms & not seeming to be in any discomfort; the kennel staff noted that there seemed to be a growth in Emmi's rectum. When the surgeon performed the mass removal we were shocked to see the size of the growth, and discovered that it was attached to muscle and much more severe than expected! Luckily, the surgery was successful and the growth was removed. Emmi is being observed today and receiving the pain management she needs. She is expected to make a full recovery! Thank goodness she came in to get her bath & her anal glands were checked! Has your pet had it's anal glands expressed? ...Stay tuned for a blog update about anal glands & the expression process!

Rallito is a 9 month old Domestic Shorthair that was presented on Sunday for lethargy and trouble urinating. The owners stated that Rallito had no appetite and seemed painful. They didn't know what was going on! This had come on fast, and they were scared. Wouldn't you be? They brought Rallito right in and we immediately rushed him to the back and put him on oxygen and placed an IV catheter. The owners were distraught, to say the least, because not only was their pet in severe discomfort but they had no funds to work with. The reception staff immediately formed an estimate to begin treatment, and the owner was able to apply for CareCredit (http://www.carecredit.com/) at the front desk. They were approved instantly, and able to begin Rallito's care within minutes! It was lucky that Rallito came in when he did, because the staff soon discovered that he was blocked! A urethral plug (possibly crystals and mucus that formed a sludge type material and eventually caused the painful blockage) was the culprit. A urethral catheter was placed and Rallito felt instant relief. Rallito is currently hospitalized and receiving ongoing treatment. Things are looking great!
It's important to remember that the inability to urinate can be life threatening. If your pet is unable to urinate; urinating in very small amounts or with blood; or seems to be straining or painful upon urination.. Please, please bring them in as soon as possible!

Lizzie, a 1 year old brindle Dachshund mix, was presented to us yesterday for a loss of appetite, and vomiting. One instant concern was the fact that she was not spayed. She was dehydrated, visibly uncomfortable, and her vulva was enlarged. A concern in this case is always the risk of Pyometra (a disease of the uterus that causes a culmination of pus in the uterine cavity; and can prove fatal if untreated); and her bloodwork has confirmed this suspicion. Lizzie was admitted into the hospital for diagnostics and IV therapy. After an overnight stay in order to be observed and stabilized; Lizzie is going to be receiving the surgery she needs this morning. Remember, not spaying or neutering your pets dramatically increases the risk of such complications as Pyometra, infection, and certain cancers.

If you want to learn more about Spaying & Neutering please contact our office at 954-989-9879; or if you are a Broward County resident with financial concerns and are unable to budget for the surgery visit www.broward.org/animal and learn about the SPOT program; Broward County's program for Spaying & Neutering assistance! DPC is proud to accept SPOT vouchers. :)

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