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Hello! Welcome to the Official DPC Veterinary Hospital Blog.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Hi! Welcome to DPC Veterinary Hospital's shiny, new blog. I hope you are as excited about the launch of this Blogger as we are! First and foremost let me begin by offering a little FAQ.

What is this blog for?!
This blog is going to serve many purposes. The sort of posts you can expect to see here are:
  • Coupons, Specials, Deals, & Important Announcements regarding DPC.
  • News articles regarding animals, pet owners, and Veterinary issues.
  • Photos, photos, photos! We know you love looking at the furry babies!
  • Introductions and articles regarding our staff, including the doctors.
  • Posts regarding pets in need of homes.
  • Success stories and interesting cases.
  • Pet owner information on anything & everything... From illnesses and vaccines, to household hazards and hurricane-preparations!
  • Links to things we find important.. such as Pet Insurance companies, and the SPOT program application for Broward County.
How do I view & post to this blog?
Only the operator(s) of the blog can post IN the blog, but all are welcome to read!

How do I request or suggest things to be posted in the blog?
You can email the moderator at thedpcblog@gmail.com if you'd like to inquire about something being posted to DPC's blog, or to suggest something you would like to see posted in the future.

Who operates/moderates the blog?
The blog was created by & is currently operated by Jessica, a receptionist who works at DPC. All staff members of DPC have access to & will contribute to the content of the DPC blog.

If you have any further questions please ask them in a comment below and we will gladly add them to our FAQ section! Thanks!

Posted by Jessica R

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