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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 Common Pet Misconceptions

Ten Most Common Pet Misconceptions

1. A cat will always land on their feet after a fall.
Cat’s do have a keen sense of balance and often seem acrobatic and land foot side down, however they can be badly injured from falls of varying heights. Cats that fall from high elevations in large urban areas are commonly diagnosed with an injury called High Rise Syndrome. Pet owners should monitor cats on outdoor balconies and keep window screens secure.

2. A dog’s mouth is sterile and licking their wounds is a way to help heal wounds.
A dog’s mouth is a verifiable sewer of bacteria. Repeated licking on wounds can actually inhibit healing in the area.

3. Cats need milk.Cats LIKE milk, but no they do not NEED milk. In fact, many kitties will display digestive upset with diarrhea after drinking milk.

4. Cats can do just fine on a tuna diet.
Feeding an all tuna diet is actually DANGEROUS for your cat. Tuna is nutritionally deficient for cats and feeding an exclusive tuna diet will leave your cat at risk of many nutritionally driven diseases. (Problems include: Thiaminase in tuna is an enzyme that destroys an important B vitamin resulting in a Thiamine deficiency, the risk for a dangerous disease called pansteatitis , and high Magnesium levels in tuna can increase risk of Lower Urinary Tract Disease, as well as other nutritional deficiencies of vitamins and minerals such as calcium.

5. When dogs eat feces it is a sign of worms.While disgusting, this behavior is not a direct sign of worms, although it can increase the potential for ingesting and acquiring parasites from this feces tasting behavior. This behavior is called coprophagy, and is a behavior that is commonly displayed by mother dogs as she cleans the waste from the newborns. Puppies and adult dogs may continue this behavior forming a bad habit and some dogs will even do it for attention getting from their human companions.

6. When a dog scoots it’s rear end on the ground, it means he/she has worms.While some dogs with tapeworms can have itchiness on the anal area, the butt scotching behavior is not a direct indicator for intestinal worms. Actually, the most common cause of butt scooting can be problems with anal sacs, but also diarrhea or even allergies.

7. If a cat’s whiskers are cut off then they loose their balance.
Cats whiskers act more as “‘feelers” and are not involved in maintaining balance.

8. Female dogs should have a litter or go through a heat before getting spayed.There is no sound basis for this old wives tale. There is no behavior benefit to letting a female dog have a litter. In fact, shelters are overfilled with dogs and cats - many of who may have been offspring of such unnecessary breedings. Also, waiting on getting your dog spayed can actually increase its risk of mammary cancer. If a female dog is spayed BEFORE she ever goes into heat, the risk of breast cancer is almost zero. The risk of breast cancer in dogs goes up with each subsequent heat for several years.

9. If your dog eats grass then he/she is sick.Dogs often will eat grass and then vomit, however the fact that your dog nibbles on grass doesn’t necessarily mean he/she is ill. Many dogs just nibble on grass for fun our out of boredom. Some veterinary nutritionists believe that grass and vegetation have some necessary nutritional need.

10. A warm, dry nose is a sign of illness and a cold, wet nose-is a sign of health.
From day to day the appearance of a pet’s nose can change. It can be influenced by activity, climate, and overall behaviors of your pet. Healthy pets occasionally have a dry, warm nose, so unless it is accompanied by signs of illness, then no need to worry. Pet owners shouldn’t rely on this rule to evaluate when its time to see your veterinarian. Consider overall activity, appetite, and other signs of illness when deciding if your pet needs a visit to the doctor.

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